The 3 Biggest Casino Robberies in history


Sometimes casinos are the target of major robberies. The likelihood that you will find yourself in a casino when it is robbed is as small as if you visit a bank. But casino robberies happen more often than you might think. You can also play online on 바카라사이트 to minimize the robberies.

It is logical to assume that the casino may be the target of a robbery. When huge amounts of money are stored in someplace, it is only a matter of time before the greedy criminal strikes. 

There is always someone crazy enough to commit a robbery. The likelihood of success continues to decline. The house really always wins.

1. Robbery “Stardust”: $ 500,000

In 1992, William Brennan, a cashier working at Stardust Casino in Vegas (now closed), filled a trash bag with cash and chips, slung it over his shoulder, and walked straight out of the casino. The bag contained more than $ 500,000 in cash and chips. Rumor has it that Mr. Brennan had an accomplice who most likely killed him because of this garbage bag full of money.

2. Kidnapping in the Crown: $ 32 million

The Crown Casino in Perth, Australia was hit in 2013 by a $ 32 million robbery attempt by one of their employees. The story involved two men. One of them is a card dealer who is tired of work, the other is a big player who came from another country. The duo planned to move the money into their pockets as if it had been lost in a regular game, in the hope that the casino would not be able to detect the fraud in time. Their greed made the staff interested in the foreign player.

After checking several large hands, the casino staff detected the robbery while it was still in progress.

The game was terminated, the player was taken out of the casino, and the employee was immediately fired. All things considered, the punishment for these two turned out to be minimal.

3. Biker bandit at the Bellagio casino. Armed robbery: $ 1.5 million

Tony Carleo rode his motorcycle up to the steps of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino and headed straight for the dice tables. In a bicycle helmet, pistol in hand, he collected chips from the tables. Then he hopped on his motorcycle and drove away before casino security could react and authorities were alerted.

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